rent a PLANE

With hardly any fees, at your own pace and whenever you want, you can fly with us and experience the fascinating technology of the Garmin 1000, or fly with a classic Cessna, with a power that will surprise you.

Come and fly with us the technology of the 21st century, or the elegance and power of our classic Cessna, both maintained under a rigorous maintenance programme.

Prices and hour packages

210 VAT included
  • The first two hours will be with an instructor, who will evaluate if additional hours are necessary (cost of the instructor: 25 €/h).
  • Every 25 hours you "Fly" with us, we give you 1 .... so you don't stop "Fly"!
  • We also give 1 hour of theoretical instruction and 1 hour of simulator instruction to familiarise yourself with the G1000 to those who contract packages of hours (see conditions).
  • The price includes 1 landing fee at Cuatro Vientos.
  • Valid EASA Class 1 or 2 medical certificate.
  • PPL, CPL or ATPL licence, with valid SEP rating.
  • Minimum experience of 75 accredited flight hours in model (Cessna 172).
  • Minimum 2 hours with instructor to assess pilot release.
  • Included:
    1 take-off fee and 1 landing at Cuatro Vientos.
  • Insurance for all occupants.
  • Fuel and oil.
    Aircraft manuals and analysis of manoeuvres and procedures.
  • A maximum of 3 take-offs and take-offs at Casarrubios aerodrome.
  • Cost of the instructor up to the release (25 € per hour).
  • Take-offs and landings at any airport, except Casarrubios.
  • Cash
  • Bank transfer

210 € VAT included

In Fly&Fun we are transparent, that’s why we publish our prices.