At Fly & Fun we have the most advanced aircraft in its category, equipped with the latest generation Garmin 1000 NAV III avionics, as well as analog aircraft, if you prefer a more classic avionics.

The G1000 avionics are the standard equipment for state-of-the-art business and commercial aviation, and the present and future of sport aviation.


The Cessna 172 is a single-engine high-wing aircraft, ideal for pilot training. It is capable of carrying 4 persons and due to its high stability and low stall speed; is ideal for flight schools. In addition, the glass cockpit with multifunction displays, equipped with the Garmin 1000 technology, makes the flight a delight for both experienced pilots and students taking their first steps, providing an amazing amount of flight information and therefore, a lot of safety.

Engine: Lycoming IO 360-L2A, 160 hp.
Maximum take-off weight: 1,111 kg.
Service ceiling: 13,500 feet.
Total range: 6.5 hours.
Cruising speed: 120 knots.


  • Garmin G1000 NAV III avionics
  • Airbags for pilot and co-pilot “Amsafe”.
  • Emergency beacon ELT 406 Mhz
  • Transponder mode “S”.
  • 2-axis autopilot KAP 140 with “autotrim”.
  • GPS certified for WAAS approaches
  • Electronic Checklists
  • Safe taxi
  • Electronic Charts

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The Cessna 172 FR J is a single-engine high-wing aircraft, ideal for pilot training and long distance trips. This version of Cessna stands out for its increased power, providing a high climb and maximum takeoff weight capacity. These characteristics make it achieve a similar performance to the Cessna 182.  

Engine: Lycoming IO 360J, 210 hp.
Maximum take-off weight: 1,157 kg.
Service ceiling: 15,400 feet.
Total range: 5 hours.
Cruising speed: 130 knots.


  • Variable pitch propeller
  • Vintage instrumentation
  • High climb performance

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G1000 simulator

Training in the Cessna 172 G1000 simulator, with hyper-realistic graphics and physical flight controls. You will enjoy a unique experience at the controls of the aircraft, with the most advanced technology available in the market, the Garmin G1000 NAVIII navigation system and with qualified instructors that will make the simulation session a training experience taken to another level.

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