1. BASES:

    2. The participants in the contest will be citizens resident in Spanish territory, over 18 years old, provided with ID, passport or resident card. Participants will send a descriptive text, without limitation of length, of an experience in flight that they have lived, both as pilots and passengers, and that they consider was terrifying.

    4. This description may be sent through the "Facebook", "Twitter" or "Instagram" pages of "Fly & Fun", as well as to the email address with your name, surname, type and identification document number of the participant.

    6. "Fly & Fun" reserves the right to publish on its social networks the complete texts, as well as summaries thereof that it deems appropriate, accepting the participants this condition as a requirement of participation.

    8. The deadline for submitting files is 15 calendar days, starting on the day of publication of the contest on the "Facebook", "Twitter" and "Instagram" pages of "Fly & Fun".

    10. Any text submitted after the deadline will not be accepted as a participant.

    12. After the deadline for submission, "Fly & Fun" will evaluate the texts sent and establish the next prize for the text that has liked the most:A) A prize consisting of a Cessna 172 G1000 flight simulator session of 60 ́ duration, in which the terrifying winning experience will be reproduced in it, and a personalized memory of "Fly & Fun".

    14. If the winning prize is void, or is not accepted by it, it will go to the next classified.

All data of the participants in the contest are covered by the data protection law 15/1999.

  • Any participant will have the right to review, modify, and cancel their data by sending an email